We love to travel, explore new places, and learn about new cultures. Both of us started traveling to other countries at a young age. Our hearts and minds have been expanded by the experiences we’ve had while traveling. Travel will continue to be an important part of our lives and we look forward to new adventures on the road as we welcome a child into our lives.

Renzo spent 12 years living and working in Germany after graduating college. While there, he spent a lot of his free time traveling solo and with friends and family to many countries in Europe. Jennifer took a trip to Costa Rica in high school which inspired her to study international affairs in college. While in college, she spent a semester living in Argentina, where she learned about the history of the region and developed her Spanish language skills. Studying abroad in Argentina played an important role in Jennifer’s decision to pursue a career in international education. Jennifer’s work involves regular international travel – at least one trip per year – and recent work travels have taken her to South Africa, Uganda, Jordan, and Serbia. Her most recent work trip took her to Australia where she explored the rainforest and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. She even got to hold a koala bear!

Our first international trip together took us to Cambodia and Thailand where we explored ancient temples, poked around local markets, and spent time relaxing on the beach. We also traveled to Rwanda and Kenya. One of our favorite memories from that trip is hiking to see the famous mountain gorillas of Rwanda. In Kenya, we traveled across the country by train and enjoyed selecting freshly caught fish to cook for our evening meal. Later we spent time in London, visiting Jennifer’s sister when she lived there briefly, and traveling through the beautiful highlands of Scotland. Our most recent international trip together was to Tulum, Mexico. We rented bikes, listened to amazing guitar music, ate some of the best tacos we’ve had in our life, and explored nearby ruins. Our favorite memory was taking a full-day boat ride to see birds, dolphins, and turtles. We also regularly visit family in Canada where Jennifer’s mother has a second home.

While we’re not always great at taking photos of ourselves when traveling, we hope you will enjoy seeing some pictures of the international trips we’ve taken together.

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