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We’ve been best friends and soulmates for a long time. We met in 2001 while working together at an international youth leadership camp in upstate New York. After work, Renzo would invite Jennifer over for tea and spend hours and hours talking. We quickly became very close. Within a few months we began dating and have been together ever since. After 12 years of committed partnership and lots of adventures together, we married in 2014.

We have a strong and loving relationship that is based on trust, open communication, and acceptance. We encourage each other to try new things and be adventurous. We support each other when things don’t go well. Every day we try to do little things for one another to show our love and appreciation. We live each day in the moment and like to make each other laugh and smile.

We enjoy spending time together – at home, with family and friends, in our community, and exploring the world. At home, we like to spend time after work talking about our days, working together on projects around the house, and just relaxing. We love to invite friends over for a meal and visit with our families. One of our favorite outdoor activities is to go for long bikes rides on local trails. We also regularly explore new places outside of New York and like to travel to other countries and cultures. Between the two of us, we’ve visited almost 40 countries!

We share many values in common. One of the values most important to us is a desire to be of service to others. This commitment is reflected in our chosen careers, how we interact with each other, and how we engage together in relationship with other people.

We’ve been dreaming of starting a family for a long time and are excited to bring a child into our lives through adoption. We are a strong and committed couple. Our home is a safe and loving environment in which a child can fully realize their potential. A few years ago, Jennifer’s sister adopted her son Leo from an orphanage in Russia. It has been inspiring to see him develop and grow into the wonderful and active little boy he is today! This personal experience has played an important role in our decision to adopt a child.


A note from Chris, Jennifer’s sister:

“I know that Jennifer and Renzo would be warm, caring, and loving parents who could give a child a happy and nurturing home. They are both intelligent, mature people who would be dedicated to protecting the well-being of a child in all aspects. And, I know they both have a tremendous amount of love to give to a child. Jennifer and Renzo have been fantastic with my son, Leo, whom we adopted from Russia.” —Chris

So much fun visiting Jennifer’s sister Chris and nephew Leo in San Francisco!
So much fun visiting Jennifer’s sister Chris and nephew Leo in San Francisco!

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