Jennifer’s Family

Jennifer’s mother is a computer programmer and lives in New Jersey with her husband, a retired high school teacher. They own a second home in Canada and plan to move there in the future. We can always count on Jennifer’s mother for advice and support. She is very loving, kind, and generous. She enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Jennifer’s step-father is a wonderful story teller and spends his free time playing golf and following current political events.

Jennifer’s father is a retired computer expert and former school bus driver who lives with his wife in Texas. Jennifer’s father is very active and enjoys helping out his neighbors. Her step-mother is very creative. She enjoys gardening and home improvement projects. They travel regularly to visit us and to California to spend time with their grandson.

Jennifer’s older sister is a lawyer and lives with her husband and their adopted son in California. Jennifer adores her sister and they talk on the phone at least once a week. Jennifer’s sister is a warm, kind-hearted, and supportive sister, wife, and mother. When Jennifer and her sister get together, there is constant laughter, adventures, and amazing home-cooked meals! We’ve really enjoyed being a part of our nephew’s life as he grows up.

Jennifer also has a younger step-brother and step-sister who we see about once a year. Jennifer’s step-brother is a lawyer who lives in Massachusetts with his wife and Jennifer’s two young nieces. Her step-sister is a social worker who lives in New York with her two boys.

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Renzo’s Family

Sadly, Renzo’s mother passed away in 2011. She was a published poet and enjoyed translating poetry from other languages into English. Renzo’s mother had a deep respect for other people and taught her children how to listen to others and appreciate the good things in life. We miss her very much and know she would be thrilled with our adoption plans.

Renzo’s father lives with his wife in Ohio. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is very generous, always helping his children in any way he can. He enjoys talking about history, learning languages, and cooking authentic Italian meals. He practices medicine and is very passionate about helping sick people become healthy. Renzo’s step-mother loves her family deeply, especially her daughter who lives and runs her small business in Washington.

Renzo has a great relationship with his brother and sister. Renzo’s younger brother is a doctor and lives in Michigan with his wife, a social worker and part-time journalist. They are both very active in the community and support many social causes. Their two sons, Renzo’s nephews, recently graduated from college. Renzo’s brother and sister-in-law are fantastic parents and can’t wait to be an uncle and aunt to our child. Renzo’s younger sister lives in Michigan and works as an executive assistant. She lives with her partner, a psychiatrist. They love to travel, play music, and learn new sports like rock climbing and kite surfing. Renzo’s sister is very creative, loves to read and cook, and has a photographic memory.

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